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Final Countdown- An Advanced Timer for Windows


Final Countdown- An Advanced Timer for Windows

When it comes to timer apps for Windows to shutdown or restart there are many of them and we have covered many like Shutdown Manager and Shutdown After. Final Countdown is a yet another advanced timer for Windows and  it can do anything you may want from a timer. It also comes with some unique features not found it other apps for shutting down or restarting Windows. Some of the unique features include Good Night Mode, Anti-Guest System,Economy Mode etc. It comes with a simple interface and is very easy to use as well.

Final Countdown

It has options to shutdown, hibernate, restart, sleep, log off and lock PC. In the more section, there are 3 features which includes Good Night Mode, Anti-Guest System,Economy Mode.


  • Good Night Mode: Good Night Mode will gradually turn down the sound, a nice feature if you like to fall asleep listening to music but don´t want to leave your computer running all night.
  • Maid Mode: Maid cleans your Recycle Bin and Temporary Files before completing the task.
  • Anti-Guest System: This feature prevents unwanted guests from using your computer while the countdown continues.
  • insomnia Mode: Prevents your pc from entering sleep mode while a task is scheduled.

Final Countdown lets users save up to six favourites, making it easy to select a certain amount of time that you use frequently. The app sits in the system tray and can be modified using the settings menu. The settings menu has options to change the UI theme.


Overall Final Countdown is an awesome app, especially the Good Night Mode which will gradually turn down the sound when you are listening to music while sleeping.

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