Sort Images into Folders based on their Dimensions/Resolutions

Most of the digital camera which are available now have several mega pixels available as image resolution and when you set different mega pixel for your camera, you get images with different resolutions.When you copy these images to Windows, there isn’t a direct way to determine the resolution or dimension of each image. Dimensions 2 Folders is a very useful tool for Windows which lets you to sort photos automatically based on the image dimension or resolution.

Dimensions to folders

Using this tool, you can sort images to different folders based on three options

  • The first option is to sort based on the resolution automatically, which means an image with 800 X600 resolution will be copied to folder by same name and 1024 X768 will be copied to another folder with same name as the resolution.
  • Second option is to sort images that match a specified resolution and rest all images are left out.
  • The third option is to sort based on aspect ratio of the images

You can either copy files to these folders or move the photos. You can also set custom folder delimiter e.g. 800×600, 800 x 600, 800X600, 800$600, etc and there is also option for recursive folder scanning.

Dimensions 2 Folders is a must have tool to sort photos especially if you have taken them using different resolutions.

Download Dimensions 2 Folders

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