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Convert any Internet Link to HTML File with HTMtied


Convert any Internet Link to HTML File with HTMtied

There might be many website URLs and other links which you want to save for future use. If you bookmark them in any browser, it will be available only if you open the particular browser. HTMtied is a very useful and yet simple tool to create an HTML file for any website links or URLs in an easy way. HTMtied instantly converts any Internet address (link, URL, bookmark) to a very small HTML file that when opened in any browser, it will automatically load that address.


The app does not have any interface as such, but its very easy to use. Just copy the link or URL which you want to convert to HTML. Once you have copied, it will be available in the clipboard, now run the HTMtied.exe file. Once it runs, it creates an HTML version of the URL internally (as there is no UI for the app). Once complete the HTML file will be available in the clipboard, you can just paste it on any location.

HTMtied supports conversion of links en masse: copy any number of Internet addresses on separate lines to the Clipboard or drag and drop any number of URL files over HTMtied, and linking HTML files will be created for each address.

HTMtied is one of the best free tool available to create an HTML version of your URL for future use. The app is portable and does not require any installation. It works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

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