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Protect your PC and External Devices from Viruses with Antirun


Protect your PC and External Devices from Viruses with Antirun

Most of the times virus infections for your PC happens through USB removable drives and these viruses disguises as autorun files and automatically run when you insert them into the PC. Antirun is a freeware app for Windows which lets you protect your PC and external devices against viruses. It can protect your PC against viruses which spread via removable media. The app runs from system tray and notifies you of any suspicious programs when you insert the removable drive.


The app has a simple tabbed interface and each tab denotes an USB drive connected. In case of any threat, it prompts you to delete the files and also eject them. You can also get free space and used space information from the app interface.

AntiRun settings

You can disable autorun on all the removable drives using this tool.


  • Automatic scanning – Antirun automatically scans plug-in devices and informs a user about detection of threats.
  • Remove virus – The program automatically identifies a running file. A detected virus can be deleted by one click.
  • System protection – While installing, the program automatically adjusts a system according to security standards.
  • Tabs – All connected external devices are displayed in the dialogue Antirun in the form of tabs. This makes the process of device control easier.
  • Removing devices – One can remove a device from Antirun dialogue directly or by opening menu of removing, clicking on the icon Antirun in tray.
  • Information about disc capacity – The information about a free and used disc place is displayed in the bottom of the dialogue.
  • Easy copying – It is possible to copy files and folders to external devices, dragging necessary objects to Antirun dialogue.
  • Elaborate interface – The program’s interface is easy and understandable, even for a beginning user.
  • Dialogue management – To make the work easier remember that double clicking on the dialogue Antirun opens a disc and right clicking hides a dialogue.
  • Minimal resources – Antirun uses minimal system resources and does not have any conflicts with other antivirus programs.


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