Optimize and Automate Processes in Windows with Process Lasso

If you do not have a PC with high memory or own a old PC, then probably you might want to keep a watch on the memory consumption of various processes in Windows. In such cases Process Lasso is probably one of the best tools available. Process Lasso is a freeware tool which can optimize and automate the processes in Windows. You can set priority for various tasks and also set custom rules for the processes.

Process Lasso

Process Lasso is not a free tool for novice user, but does well with advanced settings. Process Lasso shows not only the processes currently running on the computer, but also the active ones. The active processes tab shows the actual processes taking up memory and CPU.

In order to maintain the responsiveness of Windows under optimum levels the program appeals to its ProBalance technology, a proprietary algorithm designed to dynamically adjust the priorities of running processes.

You can set the priority for each process and also restart a process if it exceeds a defined limit. You can set I/O priorities or CPU affinity for the current session as well as the default rule to govern the processes each time they launch. It also comes with features to restrict limits for the usage of CPU or RAM.

Process Lasso offers control over each process running on your system and allows you to confine the processes resource usage between the parameters accepted by you.


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