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Monitor Websites Online with AccessChecker


Monitor Websites Online with AccessChecker

If you are a webmaster, you will be knowing how important is the website uptime. There are many paid tools and desktop freeware to monitor your websitesAccessChecker is an free online service which is infact a real-time tool for fast site availability checking. You can make sure that all your sites are online 24/7 with free AccessChecker tool. You can monitor upto 100 websites using the tool and it does not require any registration process.

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The service provides you with a bookmark once you have add the sites and any point you can check the uptime using the bookmark. There is also option to check the monitoring for the past 24 hours time period.


What makes AccessChecker useful is its simplicity in setting up things with no registration and the option for bookmarks. Having said that, the main drawback of the service is lack of any notification in case the site being monitored goes down.

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