Customize Folder Colors and Icons in Windows 7 with Folderico

Customizing your Windows installation is fun and one of the ways is to install themes and another way is to customize folder colors and icons to suit your theme. Folderico is a nice freeware tool for Windows 7 which allows you to customize Windows folders with custom colors or themed icons. You can also use the software to highlight important folders with colored icons, making them stand out in the folder hierarchy, or to simply enhance Windows Explorer’s appearance.

Change Folder ICon

Folderico adds item in context menu of Windows Explorer and core services and this makes it easy to customize folders and also set custom folder colors for your folders. Folderico uses special format SFT as themes. These files are automatically associated with the program and are fully-processed.

Set custom folder icon

On 32 bit Windows, you can set the custom folder color from the context menu and on 64 bit version it is a trimmed down version.


Folderico is a nice freeware tool to easily customize your folder icon and the colors of the folders.

Download Folderico

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  1. Thank you !! I’ve been looking for this !!

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