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GrooveShark and Desktop Player for Windows- GrooveWalrus


GrooveShark and Desktop Player for Windows- GrooveWalrus

GrooveWalrus is a freeware tool for Windows which allows users to listen to songs from Grooveshark and service from their desktop. Grooveshark and are two popular online music streaming sites and GrooveWalrus brings them to desktop. You can search for any artist and easily stream the songs using this player. You can also created your own playlist using the search. The player comes with lots of options.


The interface is very neat and easy to use. Another great feature is the support for Plug-ins, there is some nice plugins to make the listening experience better. The player comes with support for lyrics and you can view the lyrics of the song playing.


Another nice feature is web remote, you can control the desktop player using any remote PC connected to Internet.



GrooveWalrus works perfectly on Windows 7 as well. It is a nice player to have especially if you are a Grooveshark or user.

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