Set Bing Backgrounds as Desktop Wallpaper using Bingrounder

Bing has some awesome backgrounds when you open the website and these backgrounds change every day. The Bingrounder is a simple freeware application which is developed to be a tool that will go grab the image of the day from Bing and set it as your desktop background. You will also have the option to save those images locally for later use. The application runs from the Windows system tray and changes the wallpapers automatically.


The Settings window lets you to;

  • set the background style (centered, tiled or stretched)
  • enable system startup execution
  • set the folder path for images to be saved

If you want to pause the wallpaper, you can do it from the tray menu.

Download Bingrounder

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  1. Hi.. I was searching for this kind of software. But it connects online to get the background from Bing. So will it affect privacy like virus, spyware or adware? Is it well-secured and does it have any updates/upgrades to any future versions?

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