Windows Phone 7 UI on Android

One of the important feature of Windows Phone 7 is its Metro UI, which became popular soon after its announcement. If you are an Android user and love the Windows Phone 7 UI, you can still get it with Windows Phone Android Lite. It is a free application launcher for Android phones which brings in the Metro UI to Android. You can also customize it using themes just like Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 for Android_1 Windows Phone 7 for Android

You can pin any application to the home screen by pressing and holding the application. The recommended resolution is 480×800, but we have tried it successfully on other resolutions as well. The UI is pretty smooth and the lite version of this app is free as well. The lite version has all the basic features.

Other features of the Lite Version include;

  • 12 Tiles (free edition)
  • Pin to Front Page
  • Uninstall Apps
  • Dark and Light Themes
  • 4 Accent colors (Blue, Green, Orange and Red)
  • Status Bar (signal, 2G/3G/H status, Wi-Fi status, BT status)

Although the application is not perfect, it is still one of the best launchers for Android. If you want to try it out, you can either scan the QR code below or search for “Windows Phone Android Lite” in the marketplace using your phone.


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  1. Eww… why would you want ugly up your nice Android phone? :p

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