Recover Data from Corrupted, Damaged, Scratched and Defective CD and DVD

CDs and DVDs although a good medium to store data, they are always prone to damages and scratches if they are not stored properly. Abyssal Recovery is a freeware tool which can rescue corrupted or lost data from damaged, scratched, or defective CD and DVD discs. Apart from this you can also use this tool to recover deleted files from your hard disk. To recover files and data, open the application and select the drive you want to do recovery.


Next step you need to specify the destination and then the tool will find the files to recover. Abyssal Recovery can copy the files to another destination on your hard drive.

Recover Files

Abyssal Recovery will skip the bytes which are not readable from file and copy all other bytes to extract maximum data. Although the tool can recover deleted and corrupted data, it might not always be able to recover badly damaged data.

Download Abyssal Recovery

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  1. Very good one, will check it.

  2. Hi. I tried today several times. I have a cd which is corrupted and damaged. When i insert the system gets slow and hangs, i wasn’t able to use this software. How to do the recovery, if this happens?

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