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How to Check your Broadband Internet Connection Speed


How to Check your Broadband Internet Connection Speed

Broadband Internet connection speed has very much improved over the years and now there are high speed connections and plans. But we need to check if the connection speed promised by ISP is correct or not. Although there are websites like Speedtest to check the connection speed, you need to open it all the time to check it. ADSLSpeedTest is a freeware application which can check your Internet connection speed as well as monitor the speed at regular intervals of time.

Test Broadband speed

The tool is portable and does not require any installation, you can run from an USB drive as well. You can start the test in single test mode or a monitoring mode. In single test mode, only one test is conducted and the results are populated in the statistics tab.

Report of Broadband speed

In case you are doing the monitoring test, the application checks for the connection speed at regular intervals of time (min is 5 minutes and max is 60 minutes). It plots a graph over the period of time allowing you to check if the speed has changed or not.

Monitor speed

Tests the application can perform;

  • Speed test download/upload
  • Latency test (ping)
  • Display IP address
  • IP tracing
  • Continuous monitoring

Download ADSLSpeedTest (Italian website)

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