Automatically Tweet Current Playing Song in Winamp

Twitter is one of the most popular web service to share your updates to your friends. Checkmysounds is a freeware application which allows you to post your #NowPlaying music automatically or manually from Winamp to Twitter. It allows you you send music preferences information to your contacts. You can get more followers with your same preferences and also at the same time promote your favorite artist or your own music.


Once installed, you need to start Winamp and play your favorite songs. The application needs your Twitter user credentials and it will automatically detect the title of the currently playing song and then tweet with the #hashtag.

CheckMySounds Settings

You can also set the hashtag and also exclude certain tracks with keywords. You can set the time to check for updates using this tool.


  • Post in Twitter manually or automatically the playing song from Winamp.
  • Tag automatically your Status with the twitter hashtag #nowplaying or #NowPlaying.
  • Post manually or automatically the playing song.
  • Control Winamp from the software with the common buttons like Prev.Track, Next Track, Play, Stop.
  • Detect automatically your playing songs by time seconds.
  • Exclude some songs for words like (unknown, artist, track…)
  • Edit your message before send the update to Twitter.
  • All Versions of Winamp are supported.

Download CheckMysounds

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