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Radian is Another Useful Application Launcher


Radian is Another Useful Application Launcher

Previously we have covered various application launchers for Windows. Radian is another freeware tool which is a simple radial application launcher. The interface is triggered by a continuous right-click and is divided into four slices. Each slice can be configured differently for applications. The application are arranged in a circular format in four slices and you can select the programs to be added to the slices.


You can configure each slice separately and each one supports the following modes;

  • Custom – the slice will contain shortcuts manually dragged from existing shortcuts or files (from the Quick-Launch, Desktop, Start-Menu, Folder, etc…)
  • Quick Launch – shortcuts from Windows’ Quick-Launch
  • Desktop – shortcut from Windows’ Desktop
  • Recent Docs – recently opened documents

If you chose custom, you can add your own shortcuts for the applications to be launched.

Set the path

The right-click trigger allows you to access the menu quickly without needing to scroll to a certain area on your screen. The menu can be loaded by right-clicking and holding anywhere on the screen.

You can also customize the colors of each of the slices from the settings menu. Another feature of Radian in Windows 7 is when you drag Radian to maximize, the radial slices split and separate out from the center.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Latadors

    December 27, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Another good freeware alternative is Krento. It has the similar functionality, but can be controlled not only by mouse, but by keyboard only as well.

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