Windows 7 Taskbar in Vista and XP with SBar Taskbar Replacement

Windows 7 taskbar has some great features like live preview of opened windows, grouping of common windows and also jump lists. You can get these features in Windows XP and Vista using SBar Taskbar Replacement. SBar is a free utility which is a windows taskbar replacement software that add some new functionality present in Windows 7 to Vista and Windows XP. The live preview for taskbar thumbnails is available in Vista and XP has a static preview.



Features that SBar add are:

  • Grouping taskbar buttons in the way Windows 7 do it.
  • Thumbnail previews for all opened windows. (in XP static – live in Vista)
  • Jump lists with pin support
  • Additional tasks in jump lists
  • Pin support to taskbar (experimental)
  • Support to Skype 4.x and Firefox 3.x

If you are using Windows XP or Vista, then SBar is worth trying for the features.

Download SBar Taskbar Replacement

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  1. You can boost the productivity using this awesome taskbar.

  2. Too bad it doesn’t work for x64. I’m gonna stick with ViGlance.

  3. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM IN VISTA! The current version is extremely buggy and unstable. It will cause problems that can not be reverted.

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