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Windows 7 will Feature 50 New Fonts and 36 Languages

Windows 7

Windows 7 will Feature 50 New Fonts and 36 Languages

Windows 7 which is slated for final release in October, 2009 will offer lots of customization options when compared to previous versions. Since Windows 7 will be used worldwide, the Windows 7 engineering team has added more features to suit the users worldwide. Some of the new features added in the final version of Windows 7 are new fonts, new language packs and also localized themes and customizations.

windows 7

The Windows 7 team has added new fonts for the global market in the final version of Windows 7 and when it will be released, it will feature fifty (50) new fonts. Windows 7 will be the first version of Windows to ship with more fonts for non-Latin scripts than for Latin-based scripts. One of the major change is for the languages of India. To the nine (9) fonts for Indian languages that was available in Vista, Windows 7 adds forty (40) more. Windows 7 will now include multiple fonts for each of the official languages of India.


With the expansion of fonts in Windows 7, the font control panel has also gone for a change. The font control panel will have large icon view. The font icons now convey much more information about the appearance of the font.


Windows 7 will also feature themes, backgrounds and sounds for local markets. Local Packs provide customized Windows 7 visual themes for a specific region. These visual themes contain locally relevant wallpaper images, custom aero glass colors, and regional sound schemes.

In addition to this, Windows 7 localized versions will be available within 2 weeks of the final release of Windows 7. Windows 7 will be released in 36 languages in October.


In addition to the 36 languages that will be released in October, there will be additional languages available for download as Language Interface Packs (LIPs) onto any Windows 7 edition as part of the Local Language Program (LLP). Catalan and Hindi LIPs will be available for download in October.

Image credit: Windows 7 Engineering Blog.

More details on these features are available on the Windows 7 Engineering Blog.

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