WhoCrashed- Windows Crash Dump Analysis Tool

There will be many instances where Windows has crashed or rebooted without displaying any message or BSOD (blue screen of death). Many of the crashes are  are caused by malfunctioning device drivers and kernel modules. In case of a kernel error, most computers running Windows do not show a blue screen unless they are configured to do so. Instead these systems suddenly reboot without any notice. WhoCrashed is a free application which shows the drivers which have been crashing your computer with a single click.


WhoCrashed  does post-mortem crash dump analysis and presents all gathered information in a comprehensible way. It can find out which drivers has been causing the Windows to fail. WhoCrashed relies on the Windows Debugging Package (WinDbg) from Microsoft. If this is not installed, WhoCrashed will download and extract this package automatically for you.

For using WhoCrashed, you dont need any debugging skills, it can easily spot the drivers which are causing the crash. WhoCrashed is a handy utility for Windows, if you install too many drivers on your PC.

Note: WhoCrashed cannot be always 100% sure about the drivers which are responsible for crashing your computer.

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