10 Free Website Monitoring Services

Most of us nowadays own a blog and when it comes to high traffic load, we cannot actually say when the website/blog server goes down. Without a proper monitoring service, it would be difficult to check the uptime of the server and which in turn would end up losing visitors and revenue for the blog. There are lots of service offering website monitoring and the most popular of them is Pingdom. Pingdom is highly recommended, but then its not a free service. If you are looking for good free services, here is a list of 10 website monitoring services which are free.

1. Mon.itor.us:  This is a free service offering 24X7 monitoring and email alerting when the site is down. They offer reports for uptime and response time. The user interface may look simplistic, but loaded with features.


2. Montastic: This service offers monitoring of up to 100 URLs from two servers with a span of 10 mins. They sent email alerts when the site is down and also when the site server is up.

3. Service Uptime: This service can monitor one URL for free with an interval of 30 min. They sent out email/SMS alerts on downtime. They have pretty good reports as well.

Service Uptime

4. Site Uptime: The free plan will check one website every 30 or 60 minutes. They currently monitor only from one location and their reporting is not the best one.

Site Uptime

5. Host Tracker: The free plan enables monitoring for two URLs in two different domains. They have currently monitors from over 50 nodes.

Host tracker

6. Free Site Status: offers free monitoring of your website or server from 9 monitoring network around the world, and notifies you of any website downtime.

Free site Status

7. Site 24X7: Checks up to 2 websites every 60 minutes or above. You get email/SMS alerts and reports and the Free account never expires and you get to show uptime on your site.

Site 24X7

8. Live Watch: is a German site offering monitoring service. The free notifications package contains email alerts, 10 SMS notifications, and Yahoo Messenger.

Live Watch

9. Basic State: Allows unlimited number of sites for monitoring. You will be alerted immediately by email or sms text message if your site ever becomes unavailable for any reason including network outages, server outages, server overload, dns configuration, or ssl certificate problems.

10. Internet Seer: Monitors your website from several geographic monitoring stations at selected intervals. If the monitoring system is unable to reach the site, an email, cell phone or pager alert is sent to notify you of the problem.

Internet Seer

If you have any more service to add to the list, please do share it in comments. If you are looking for an desktop application, you can check out the Web site Monitor freeware.

Nirmal is a Technology Blogger and a Microsoft MVP in Windows. Blogging has been his passion for more than a decade now, he started with this blog in 2007. He can be contacted at nirmal@nirmaltv.com. You can find Nirmal on , and .

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  1. This is really a good stuffs for high-loaded website. It will be a good resources for my blog when it has become as crowded as yours! 😉



  2. Are these services based on some priority – if no please suggest the best service out of these for monitoring websites

  3. @Abhishek,
    There is no specific order I followed, it depends on your need like how many websites you need to monitor etc.

  4. @Nirmal These are really very useful sites to bloggers\website owners ,thanks for sharing

  5. Check out http://monimi.net too, it’s a website monitoring service with free sms alerts.

  6. I use site uptime, uptime party, basicstate and internet seer. Among all these, basicstate is the best…

  7. yes i agree with you.
    Without a proper monitoring service, it would be difficult to check the uptime of the server and which in turn would end up losing visitors and revenue for the blog.
    I got a lot of information by gothroughing this. keep on updating regarding any other monitoring services. Please share it .


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  9. […] server ???????? (???????????????? nirmal) ??????????????? ????????? review […]

  10. Great list of sites. I’ve tried SiteUptime before but I will check out some of the other ones to see which one works best.

  11. useful list of websites. thanks for sharing.

  12. Great list! It is also worth to check out and add 100pulse.com, see how easy it is to set up your website monitors and view uptime/downtime statistics and reports.

  13. We like Web Service Guard best because it notified us of outages not caught by the services listed here. http://www.webserviceguard.com/website-monitoring.html

  14. Great blogs…. Thanks for your informations………

  15. I use http://100pulse.com/ for website monitoring.

  16. If you’re looking for a solid website monitoring system – look no further than http://binarycanary.com. They offer free 15 minute website (and device) monitoring, and a paid 1 minute monitoring system starting at $5 per month. Lots of great features to monitor FTP, round trip email, telnet, ping, POP/SMTP/IMAP, SSL Certificates, Domain Expiry and more.

    Beautiful flash graphs, 1 year detailed history.. check it out!

  17. you can add 100pulse.com to this list

  18. It will be Worth more If you add http://100pulse.com to this list

  19. Great list normal! I’d love it if you could add http://www.ezwebsitemonitoring.com to your list. They are in open beta right now so everything is free and they check every 5 minutes. Thanks!

  20. By the way, one more company, Dotcom-Monitor, have launched a fully free website monitoring package. Professional website monitoring became available to wide public!
    More details at http://www.dotcom-monitor.com/

  21. Great list !!! but hav missed http:100pulse.com , its a free monitoring service , providing Free Instant alerts through E-mail, RSS Feed and Google gadget

  22. Great list !!! but hav missed http://100pulse.com , its a free monitoring service , providing Free Instant alerts through E-mail, RSS Feed and Google gadget .

  23. Huge list.. But i would like to recommend you http://100pulse.com/, a free website monitoring service, it’s easiest way to detect uptime and they intimate you through mail, RSS Feed and google gadget. You can als subscribe sms alerts.. Hope it’ll be very useful for you guys..

  24. I too use 100pulse.com to monitor my website..

  25. I have been disappointed by free of cost website monitoring program.

  26. […] like multiple monitoring location, monitor interval and alert types etc. We had covered some of the free website monitoring options back in 2008, but things have changed and there are many other services offering free […]

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