Read Air- Google Reader Build on Adobe Air

Ever since the launch of Adobe Air, there are lots of applications being developed on this platform. The latest app which has been developed on Adobe Air is Google Reader. ReadAir is an Adobe AIR-based utility that lets you launch Google Reader as a standalone application. Since it’s built on AIR, ReadAir runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


  • Mac themed scrollbars and form elements
  • Full synchronization with Google Reader Account
  • Add/Remove/Manage tags
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from feeds
  • Search your feeds
  • User preferences
  • Resizable viewing pane
  • Auto software update
  • Auto login

Currently the application features a mac look, but it will be skinable in future.

Download ReadAir [Via DownloadSquad]

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  1. I don’t think I’ll change its theme (whenever this feature comes out) because I love the default theme.

  2. This seem to be news in most blogs…the interface looks like a MS outlook rip off

  3. There is no way to log out.

    I can’t use it.

  4. Looks interesting, but I like the online version just fine so far. And it works with Google Gears already, so don’t need a desktop version myself.

  5. I love AIR applications. Will try this one.

  6. @Aseem Im adobe air apps lover too.. it is nice runtime.. 😀

  7. I liked it…but still would prefer reading it in the browser(i.e Google Reader). Yes would love if there was a mobile application similar to that.

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