Image Converter: View and Convert your Graphic Files with XnView

If you handle different types of graphic files, you may need to install different softwares to view these formats and convert them. XnView is a simple software which can solve this problem. XnView a software to view and convert graphic files and very simple to use as well. XnView supports 400 different formats and can convert upto 40 formats.


Features of XnView are;

  • Multipage TIFF, Animated GIF, Animated ICO support
  • Resize, rotate, crop support
  • Lossless rotate & crop (jpeg) support
  • Adjust brightness, contrast…
  • Auto levels, contrast
  • Modify number of colors
  • Apply filters like blur, average, emboss etc
  • Apply effects
  • Slide show with effects
  • Batch convert, batch rename
  • Create WEB page
  • Screen capture

You can check out the complete features here. The complete lists of formats supported by XnView is listed here. XnView is free for private, non-commercial and educational use. XnView is supported in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download XnView

(Img src: XnView)

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  1. In windows, I will recommend Irfan View for this purpose.

  2. @Binny,
    Irfan view is also a good software, but I feel this has much more options.

  3. Well I too like Irfan view but this provides conversion to 40 different formats which makes it interesting, will definitely try this out

  4. @Keith,
    The 40 conversion is what makes this software better.

  5. This is a great tool, i used it, it works great

  6. Ugh, I hate XnView, primarily because it is sorta cloning IrfanView. Besides, who needs these when you have GIMP?

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