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Four Ways to Get Your PC Running Again


Have you ever gotten the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ or a cryptic error message upon starting your Windows PC? These scenarios can baffle not only beginner computer users, but even IT professionals. Luckily, there are some very effective ways to ...

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Convert PDF to Doc using Google Docs


Most of the time when you share documents, we use PDF, which is the most commonly used format when sharing. Unless you have an editor, you cannot edit PDF files. If you want to edit documents, the best format is ...

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Open Gmail on Slow Connections


Gmail is growing as a full fledged webmail provider with new features being added. But if you are using a slow connection, then not all features of Gmail are loaded and sometime you may not be able to see the ...

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How to Speed Up Your Computer


The life of many of us depends strongly on our computer and we spend more time on our computer than everywhere else and we want the best for our computers. Some people believe that since they spend most of their ...

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Hotmail Email Aliases


Hotmail has introduced a new feature called Email aliasing which is already available in Gmail. But with Hotmail’s new email aliasing there is much more than adding a symbol to your email ID. Aliases are alternative email ID which can ...

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5 Hotmail Desktop Notifiers


It is always nice to have desktop notifiers for email as they notify of of new email without you having to open the email account using your web browser. Although the most common way to open Hotmail would be to ...

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How to Backup/ Export Delicious Bookmarks


With many reports stating that the popular bookmarking service Delicious (owned by Yahoo!), is closing down, people who have used the service for long time now might have hundreds of saved bookmarks. If you looking to move out of Delicious, ...

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Secure Hotmail Login with SSL


Hotmail has been continuously adding more features to its webmail and as a part of security, recently it had added the option to add mobile number as well as trusted PC to retrieve password. Now Hotmail has added support for ...

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