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Ubuntu Style Launcher for Android


Last year Ubuntu has showcased its OS for phone. The new OS came with some awesome UI effects and features. Now if you liked those features, you can now get them on your Android phone with Unity Launcher. Now you ...

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Ultimate Multitasking app for Android


Android does come with a good option to multi tasking and switching between apps. If you on core Android, you can click the extreme right button on screen to switch apps. Swapps is an ultimate tool for multitasking on your ...

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5 Best Email Apps for Android


Today smartphones are advanced that they can manage your digital life, from checking emails on to go, browsing the web and also planning your appointments. All the smartphone OS (including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) have a dedicated email app ...

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MEGA for Android [App]


The new cloud storage from Kim Dotcom, MEGA, was released last month and it is already a hot topic of discussions for its speed and security. Kim has already promised apps for popular mobile platforms, but it is still under ...

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7 Best Note Taking apps for Android


Technology has advanced so much in the past years that you have everything at your finger tips with smartphones, tablets and laptops. Previously we used to carry a writing pad or a note pad to take down notes, but those ...

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Download Carbon Twitter App for Android


There are many Twitter apps for Android and many of them have almost the same user interface. Recently we had reviewed Falcon Pro, an amazing Twitter app for Android with support for widgets. Here is another awesome Twitter app- Carbon. ...

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