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Focus app on Android lets you lock Photos with Fingerprint


Focus app on Android lets you lock Photos with Fingerprint

Fingerprint scanner has now become a norm on most Android smartphones and this is not just limited to flagships, but also in the budget and mid range. While some of the phones offer additional features like locking apps with fingerprint, some are limited just to unlocking phones.

Focus an Android app for managing your photos and the latest version of this app has support for protecting your private photos with fingerprint scanner (provided the fingerprint scanner is located on your phone).

Focus app for Android

Focus is basically a gallery app for managing your photos with a clean interface and can handle photos pretty well. The latest version of the app adds a handful of new options including ability to lock photos, play video natively and also set as wallpaper natively.

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While there are quite a lot of new features in there, the latest version is in beta and you’ll need to join the Google+ community here, then sign up to become a tester here. Once you download the Google Play version, you will get an update to use the beta features.

If you are a person who uses the fingerprint scanner a lot and needs added protection for your photos, Focus is one app worth trying out.

You can download the app from the link below.

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