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Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2- Comparison and Price

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Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2- Comparison and Price

Today, Microsoft announced two Surface tablets, the Surface Pro 2 which is a high end and professional tablet running Windows 8.1 Pro and the Surface 2 tablet (also called the Surface 2 RT) which runs the Windows 8.1 RT. We have covered the detailed specifications and features of both the tablets. Both the tablets are available for pre-order from tomorrow and orders will be delivered on October 22nd.

So in case you are looking to order the new Surface tablet and confused on which one to buy, here is the detailed comparison of both the models based on their specifications, features and price. While Surface 2 comes in two variants, the 32GB and 64GB models, Surface Pro 2 comes in various options including choice of RAM and storage. Surface Pro 2 is offered in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB with 4GB or 8GB RAM.

Surface pro2

The starting price of Surface Pro 2 is almost double that of Surface 2. Another interesting thing to note is that the first generation of Surface tablets received a price cut few weeks back and it continue to sell along with the new versions at lower prices. Microsoft has also announced a host of new accessories for both the tablets.

Here is a quick run down of specifications of Surface Pro 2 vs Surface 2.

Surface Pro 2 vs Surface 2

Surface Pro 2 is mainly for businesses and it makes a full fledged laptop replacement with high end specs and a powerful computer. So, are you getting the new Surface tablets? Which is better for you?

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