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Next Browser for Android from Go Launcher Team


Next Browser for Android from Go Launcher Team

Go Launcher is one of the most popular launcher apps available for Android and their themes and customizations are pretty popular. The Go Launcher team has now launched a new web browser for Android named, Next Browser. There are many good browsers available for Android like Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, Firefox, etc and the Next Browser is now competing directly with them. The browser is available free of cost from the Android play store.

Once you install the browser and start using, you will get to know that it has combined all the good features of the popular browser and packed it in a beautiful interface. When you open the browser, you can see three home screens, the first one shows your recently viewed sites, second one has speed dial option and third shows various categories and RSS feeds for them.

Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-04-13 Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-04-25 Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-07-52

The browser is pretty good and fast as well. The rendering is really good and we didn’t find any issues with it. Switching the tabs is pretty simple, just swipe to the right and you can see a thumbnail view of all the tabs and you can switch between them. When you swipe to the left, you can access the extensions. As of now there are only few extensions available. All other options can be accessed from the settings menu.

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Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-07-45 Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-07-08  Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-07-59

There is also inbuilt voice search which shows the result in Google search page. It also features a download manager where you can set the default path for saving the files downloaded and also a your bookmarks are synced across Google account.


Overall, we found Next Browser an extremely usable browser which has features and yet great speed in opening websites.

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