Samsung announced its latest flagship phone Galaxy S4 with high end processor, display and host of new features.  Since Samsung decided to retain almost the similar design of Galaxy S3 released last year, many first reviews termed the device as non-exciting and lacking the wow factor although it packs the best hardware. Moreover Samsung isn’t known for its build quality for high end smartphones with high use of plastics.

HTC had announced it latest flagship phone back in February before the MWC 2013 and will compete directly with Galaxy S4 in the Android segment. Further HTC one has one of the best camera in the form of ultra pixels with amazing low light performance. So does HTC One beat Samsung Galaxy S4? No, there are many areas where Samsung Galaxy S4 really excels, we will have a look at them.


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5 Features of Galaxy S4 which beat HTC One:

1. Wireless Charging:

Although wireless charging is yet to pick up in full swing in phone with wireless charger being costly, this is one feature of 2013 and HTC One lacks this. When you own a high end phone, you might want to have the best features as well. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with wireless charging built it, so you can use any Qi compatible charger with S4.

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2. Removable Batteries:

This is one really good aspect of smartphones, removable batteries. Since S4 features removable battery, you could carry an extra battery for long trips and replace it with the original battery, which is not possible in HTC One. Along with this S4 also packs a 2600mAh battery, so S4 is a clear winner here in terms of battery.

3. Android:

One of the major concerns about OEM Android phones is the lack of proper updates, it takes long time for OEMs to roll out Android updates, while Nexus devices get it first. S4 comes with the latest OS, 4.2.2 while HTC One comes with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Although HTC has promised 4.2.2 for One, we are not sure when that happens.

4. Expandable Storage:

This is again one of the important features if you want to have more storage of your phone. HTC One does not support expandable storage, but S4 has support for microSD card support which can be increased by 64GB. So if you want more storage space, then S4 is for you.

5. Speed of Updates Rollout:

When a new Android version is released, Samsung is much more faster than HTC when it comes to releasing updates. So if you want to get the latest Android, then probably Samsung is better than HTC.

So what is your take? Which is better Android smartphone?