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How to Create a Website using Dropbox Folders


How to Create a Website using Dropbox Folders

Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the best cloud storage service with good features and 2GB of storage space (free). It also features desktop and mobile apps to keep your files in sync. Have you ever thought about creating a website using the storage space and folder in Dropbox? Well that’s exactly what Site44 does. It is a new free web service which turns Dropbox folders into websites. You can edit the HTML files locally and all the changes are available online.

Well, the process is pretty simple, first you need to authorize Site44 to access your Dropbox account and in the next step you need to enter the site name which is similar to, where abc can be selected by you. You can also enter custom domain name if you have one.

Create new website

Once you create the new website, site44 creates a new folder in your Dropbox account. Now the final step is to create the HTML file for your website and add it to the folder which was created by Site44. Thats it, your new website is up and running.

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You can modify the contents of your website, anytime locally from Dropbox folder and the changes are reflected immediately as Dropbox syncs the files.

Here is a video of Site44 in action;

Site44 caches the content in their servers to provide excellent response time to people visiting your website.

Site44 provides free hosting for low-traffic accounts. Accounts that have five or fewer websites, and that use less than 100MB/month of total data transfer (across all sites) are free. For just $4.95/month, Site44 accounts can have up to 10 websites and 10GB/month of total data transfer. For $9.95/month, Site44 accounts can have up to 50 websites and 50GB/month of total data transfer.

The main disadvantage here is that only static content is available, which means no PHP or ASP or other server side languages are supported.

Site44 is a great way to get started with your new company or start up website with low traffic.

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