We had covered a trick where in you can directly upload images available online to Facebook without having to download them to desktop and then manually upload it. That trick probably works only on desktops, but if you want the same functionality in Android phones, you can try WebMine. It is a freeware app for Android which can easily select images and automatically pick the corresponding captions from the web then upload them to Facebook directly by few taps. WebMine is the best way for sharing what you find interesting on the web to Facebook.

Once you have installed the app, you need to authorize the app to use your Facebook account.

2012-09-27 12.51.25 2012-09-27 12.53.22

Once authorized, you can enter any URL in the browser in the app and select the image for upload. You can select the album to be uploaded, the default album is selected, but you can add your own one from the app.

2012-09-27 12.51.56 2012-09-27 12.52.04

Main features of WebMine:

  • Select images include corresponding captions from any website
  • Create new Facebook album and set its privacy
  • Edit the image captions
  • Upload the images
  • Receive URL from any web browser through SHARE button.

Overall, if you share a lot of images to Facebook, then this app is pretty useful.

Download WebMine