You might have received many photos from your friends and relatives through email and some of these might be years old. Now to recover these photos from the thousands of email is not an easy task especially if you have received too many emails. Lost Photos is an awesome freeware app for Windows (and also available as a paid app for Mac), which allows you to recover photos from your email accounts. It can recover photos from Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, MobileMe and also Google Apps accounts. You just need to specify the email ID and the login password, the app searches for all the photos and recovers them.

Recover lost photos

There are a few filters available including ability to ignore small photos (less than 8k) and also to ignore GIF images. You can also ignore photos received before a particular date. If your email has hundreds of emails, then the app takes some time to display the complete result. The results are neatly displayed in a slider based format. You can select any photo and then quickly post it to Facebook, Twitter or even email them.

Photos found

You can also alternatively view the photos in Windows explorer as the app saves all the photos locally.

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