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Clean and Organize your Desktop with Arrange Desktop

The most common location for saving files and folders is desktop and over a period of time, it gets cluttered with all sorts of files and folders. Manually arranging it into different folders based on the file type might be a tedious task. Arrange Desktop is a nice freeware tool which can clean and organize your desktop into folders based on file type or file extension. The application has some default sorting available for videos, documents, photos and zip or RAR files.

Arrange Desktop

You can select which all filters need to be applied before cleaning. In case you want to have a custom filter enabled for any file type, then you can specify it in the custom file type and also the folder name to which it needs to be moved. The app will create folders on the desktop based on these names and move these files to the respective folder.

This app can be used in any folder and not just the desktop. It can be used to clean up documents folder or even the music or videos folder.

Arrange Desktop is a straight forward and simple app to quickly clean and organize your desktop.

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