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Clutter Free Google Reader with Zentomi


Clutter Free Google Reader with Zentomi

When it comes to reading and subscribing to RSS feeds, Google Reader is the most popular as well as the best one, even though it does not have a desktop app. But when using Google Reader, there are many distractions and also the interface has some clutter as well. This is where Zentomi comes to good, it is a free News and Feed Reader based on Google Reader offering a clutter free, lighting fast reading environment with a strong focus on Content.

It is a free web based app which accesses your Google Reader items and offers it in clutter free interface. You dont have to provide the user credentials as the login is oAuth based.

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Clutter free Google Reader

Once logged in, you are presented with a clean interface where you have the feeds listed on the sidebar and the full feeds view in the right panel. There is also different views based on feeds, date and tags. You can use the drop down to navigate between feeds.

Apart from this, the tool also has sharing options, you can share to Twitter, Google+, Facebook and also via email.

Share options

The web service also has a search functionality along with a number of key board shortcuts.

Overall, Zentomi is a pretty good service to view Google Reader items in a clutter free environment.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. pattayarag

    June 10, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Nothing can beat Feedly.

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