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Instagram Viewer for Windows- Instagrille


Instagram Viewer for Windows- Instagrille

Instagram is a very popular app for iOS and Android and it allows you to share photos with your friends after applying filters to the photos taken. Over the past few months, Instagram’s popularity has gone up pretty high. Instagram does not offer an app or a viewer for other platforms like Windows but you can still view your friends stream using Instagrille for Windows. Instagrille is a Instagram photo viewer for Windows and it is built on Pokki, an app platform which we had covered last year. So you need to install Pokki and then install the viewer.


You can view your friends feed, popular photos and also check your account from the interface.


You can switch between list type or thumbnails for the images. You can view the comments and likes on each photo and also share them on Facebook or Twitter from the interface. You can also like or comment on any photo using the app. The interface of the app is clean and easy to use.

Download Instagrille (Instagram for Windows)

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