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Hard Disk Optimizer and Defragmentation Utility for Windows


Hard Disk Optimizer and Defragmentation Utility for Windows

When you buy a new hard disk or purchase a new PC, the hard disk performance will be very good, but over a period of usage, it gets slow. This is primarily because of disk defragmentation. DiskTune is an easy to use freeware disk optimizer and defragmentation utility for FAT, FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives. Apart from the standard defrag methods, it can also optimize file placements and compact your file system by filling free space gaps.

You can select the drive from the list of ones available. The more button provides option to skip certain extensions like temp or virtual drives, or to create a task with preset functions.


DiskTune can process and entire disk or you can use the optional right-click integration to defrag selected folders from within Windows Explorer. There are three options available, mainly Analyze the hard disk, defrag and also optimize it.


The program also includes a disk temperature monitoring (S.M.A.R.T) to prevent your drive from overheating and also has support for VSS Safe-Mode. One of the main disadvantage of the app is that the UI is a bit complicated to understand in the first usage as the drive selection and the tools are arranged in two different app window.

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