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Optimize Android for Maximum Performance and Battery with Power Tune-Up


Optimize Android for Maximum Performance and Battery with Power Tune-Up

We had recently covered about a free tool for Android phones, Longevity to optimize battery usage. BitDefender also has released a new app to optimize your Android phone for maximum performance and battery consumption along with data usage. But unlike other apps, BitDefender Power Tune-up has good set of options to improve the performance of your Android phone. The options available for tweaking battery usage is pretty good.

Power Tune up Cleanup

The main screen has three functions, battery saver, clean up system and set data meter for data usage. The battery saver is one important feature of this app. You can customize the phone settings to achieve the best results. For example there is an option to turn on night mode, which means phone will be used minimum during these hours, data would be disconnected.

Battery 2 BAttery

You can tweak the apps to use the least memory and CPU and also close apps which are taking too much memory.

Battery 1 Battery 3

The data usage on your Android phone can be limited using the app. You can set the monthly limits for data usage if you are on a limited data plan. Related: How to Limit and Track Data Usage in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Data usage

Overall, the app is pretty good one to optimize your Android phone as well as improve battery life.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ashish Mundhra

    March 10, 2012 at 7:32 am

    Is it better than Juice Defender ?

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