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Download Files Directly into Dropbox with URL Droplet


Download Files Directly into Dropbox with URL Droplet

When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is one of the most popular one as well as a preferred one. When you want to upload some files available online to Dropbox, the normal process followed is to download them to desktop and then sync it with Dropbox installed on Windows. But this is time consuming task. URL Droplet is a simple web app that allows you to copy and paste a the download link for a file and have it downloaded straight to your Dropbox without any other user intervention.

URL Droplet

You need to authorize the service (done by oAuth) and then add any download links to the service. It will be queued and downloaded to your Dropbox account. This is particularly useful if you want to download some files when you are on the move or using only your mobile phone. The download links should be direct download and should not have any user clicks.

You can save the file using any custom file name as well. The downloaded file is saved in the main Dropbox directory.

URL Droplet is a simple but pretty handy tool for Dropbox users.

URL Droplet [Via Caschys]

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