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View History of All Browsers at one Place


View History of All Browsers at one Place

All modern browser have the option to view browsing history and also search for any URLs you visited, although you cannot view history if you choose private browsing. You might be using multiple browsers on your PC and checking the history of each browser to find a particular website is a tedious task. History Viewer app could be helpful in such situations, it is a freeware tool which can retrieve the history of all popular browsers and also Windows search history in one place making it easy for you to view them.

History Viewer

The app is compatible with browsers like IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome and also Windows search history and recent documents. The list of history includes visited websites, opened files, viewed movies or images, and so on. This app lets you easily view Windows-specific traces, such as the recent documents, the search history and run history, the open/save history, the “last visited” history and, especially for Windows 7, the “First Folder” and “Typed paths” histories.

History Viewer lets you view the entire history stored by various web browsers like: Internet Explorer (URL history, address bar, Cookies and index.dat files), Mozilla Firefox (URL history, Downloads and Cookies) and Google Chrome (URL history, cookies and downloads). You can simply double click on any history item and it opens in the default browser.

You can also export the history into HTML format using the app.

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1 Comment

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