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How to Check if an Email Address is Valid


How to Check if an Email Address is Valid

Emails are now one of the most used mediums to communicate and as a result email spams have also increased considerably. Whenever you send an email to a person unknown, you might just want to cross check if the address is valid, in case you are not too sure of the email address. In the past we have covered tools like Scan Mail Checker and online service like Verify Email Address to actually check if the address is valid. Although these tools cannot be 100% accurate, it is still helpful in checking to an extend. We have another tool, eToolz, discovered by gHacks, which lets you find out if an email address is valid or not.


eToolz is a freeware app for Windows which is portable as well and lets you find out if an email address is valid or not. Again, this tool is not 100% correct and does not support all email addresses. It can check addresses with Gmail and Google domains, while Hotmail is not supported. Run the tool and navigate to the Mail-Check tab and then enter the email address to check.

The app is not just an email checker, it comes with other bundled tools like DNS, Ping, Trace, WHOIS info, HTTP headers, page rank and many more features.

Please note that the first time you run the app, the interface is in German, but you can change it from Extras menu.

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