If you are using an Apple Wireless or a wired keyboard on Windows 7, there are certain functionalities which are missing in the keyboard since it was designed for Mac. Functions like print screen, task manager, volume keys etc does not work by default on Apple keyboard when connected to Windows 7. Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper is a simple freeware and portable tool which allows to use Apple Keyboard under Windows 7 without loosing the Mac functionality.

Apple Keyboard

Some of the key combinations this app brings to Windows 7 are;

  • F3: PrintScreen
  • F4: Task Manager
  • F7-F9: iTunes control
  • F10-F12: System volume Control
  • Eject button toggles Fkeys/Functions.
  • Fn + F key triggers function (useful when in F keys mode)
  • Fn + Backspace = Delete
  • Fn+ Eject: Eject CD

The app does not require any installation and it worked well on Windows 7 when we tested it.

Download Apple Keyboard Helper