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Easily Create Favicons for your Website

Favicons are files containing small icons typically to display on browsers. Favicons are now popular and almost all websites and blogs have favicons. If you want to design a favicon for your website, then you can try the BytesX Favicon Generator. It is a free and easy-to-use favicon maker that can instantly create favicon from the popular image formats, which includes PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, and icon containing files, such as ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL.

Favicon generator

You can simply drag and drop the image file on to the interface and the favicon is instantly created. The default size of favicon is 16X16 pixels, but the advanced options allows you to select other formats and sizes (32X32 and 48X48).

The good feature of this free tool is that you can also create a favicon from an icon containing file, like *.exe files, Dynamic Link Library (*.dll), Windows Icon file (*.ico), Windows 16-bit and 32-bit Icon Library (*.icl), etc.

Although there are many websites to create favicon, this tool has its own features which makes it unique.

Download BytesX Favicon Generator

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