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Track Changes to Folders in Real Time in Windows


Track Changes to Folders in Real Time in Windows

There are many tools to track and monitor changes to any folder or directory in Windows and we have covered a couple of them including Directory Monitor and Watch 4 Folder. Track Folder Changes is yet another freeware and portable application for Windows which can track the changes to any folder, but the most important feature of this tool is that the changes made are shown in real time. You can see the folders which have been modified as and when it gets modified (if you have selected the folder to monitor).

Track folder changes

You can select the folder or any directory or a drive to monitor. You can track newly added files, deleted files and also modified files based on their colors.

The newly added files are marked in green color, while modified ones are shown in blue and the deleted ones in brown color. The app can only track one folder at a time, but still useful if you select a drive, you can monitor all the folders in the drive.

You can easily open the file or go to a particular file directly from the context menu after selecting the file.

Track Folder Changes is an useful app to monitor changes to any folder including addition or deletion of files.

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