Google Docs is one of the most popular online office suite and if you are an user of Google docs, you might want your documents to be synced to Windows desktop folders to make it easily accessible. Recently we had reviewed a free tool InSync, which could sync and backup multiple Google Dosc account with local folder in Windows. KumoSync is yet another freeware tool for Windows which can download and backup your Google Docs files to the local folder in PC. You can sync any folder to Google Docs from the local folder as well.


KumoSync will automatically track your changes in Google Documents and your local Windows file system. It will synchronize these changes automatically on a regular interval allowing you to access your files on your computer, the Google docs other devices that can also access Google Documents. You can add multiple account to the sync process.

document mapping

The settings menu allows you to control the behaviour of the sync and also other options. You can also configure a Windows drive letter to access your local Google documents folder.


When items are deleted from the server, you get a confirmation to delete the local copy as well. The app sits in the system tray and you can sync it any time from the options.

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