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Improve your iTunes Experience with iTuner


Improve your iTunes Experience with iTuner

iTunes is a popular freeware media player for downloading and managing your multimedia files. But there are many limitations for iTunes and you can improve your iTunes experience by using iTuner. iTuner is a freeware tool for Windows which lets you get better out of iTunes by adding features like system tray support, playlist sync and many more which are missing in iTunes. iTuner basically works from the system tray in Windows and automatically detects and starts iTunes when it is started. You can perform multiple tasks from the system tray using iTuner.


It shows the current playing track, playback control, lyrics viewer, support for hotkeys and many more features and its controllable from the system tray. You can assign custom hotkeys for playback controls. You can also view the lyrics of the song being played using the small icon at the centre (image above). The lyrics are automatically downloaded and displayed in a text file.


You can clean up tracks by removing dead track (links are removed) or duplicate tracks and also empty directories.

System tray options

The app also features ability to sync the iTunes playlist with any USB Mp3 Player which is an awesome feature to have to transfer playlists. iTuner is a nice app for all iTunes users who needs those missing features in iTunes. iTuner works well on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

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