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iPad Simulator for Windows- iPadian


iPad Simulator for Windows- iPadian

iPad is the most popular tablet currently available and its interface and iOS is very popular. If you haven’t used the iPad and want to try out how the OS works, then here is an iPad simulator for Windows. iPadian is a freeware and portable app which can simulate iPad interface on Windows. The app does not require any installation and you can directly run the exe file and it runs full screen on your desktop. It comes with its own app store and you can install quite a few apps in various categories and there are many app which are pre-installed on the UI.

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iPad simulator

Once you run the app, you can see lots of installed apps on the desktop and it looks very similar to iPad in action with a dock at the bottom which has Safari, emails, contacts etc. You can also change the wallpaper using the settings option in the dock.

app store

There are installed apps for popular social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can directly log into your account from the apps. You can also get desktop notifications for any new comments or mentions in Facebook and Twitter. The app is mostly well written and everything looks very similar to iOS and mocks its functions pretty well.

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iPad browser

The fact that the app does not require any installation makes it even better.

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