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Quickly Resize and Convert Images in Bulk Mode with Lightning Image Resizer

Lightning Image Resizer is a freeware app for Windows which is an image resizer as well as converter. You can quickly and easily convert images to different format along with changing the size. The app is portable and requires no installation and has a simple and way to use interface. You can drag and drop files on to the interface or directly select multiple folders for resizing and converting.

Image resizer

You can input a source folder and ask the app to select files from the sub folders as well. There are three main options, one is to select the output file format (convert) and here you can select .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .GIF and .EMF as the format or retain the original image format. The second section is to resize the image and here you can do it as percentage or the largest.

You can also set the name by adding a prefix or postfix to the original name. Another nice feature of this tool is the ability to crop and turn pictures taken in 4:3 format into 16:9 wide images.

This app is very useful if you have returned from a holiday and you have 100s of digital camera images to be processed or converted.

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  1. this tool is good. but i would prefer IRFAN VIEW than this !!!

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