Advanced Password Recovery is a freeware app for Windows which is a solution to manage the Windows accounts, and backup popular stored passwords. You can reset or remove any user password in Windows using this tool. Users will have the possibility to easily remove or modify passwords. It also comes with a logon patacher which allows you to change the password of Windows even at logon. You can change any Windows account users password or remove a password from an account.

Advanced password recovert

You can also recover other passwords like Messengers, Office, browsers and wireless. You can set the folder to recover the passwords.


Features of this tool;

  • Backup popular stored passwords
  • Messenger, and related passwords
  • Windows and Office Serials
  • Saved browser passwords
  • Wireless passwords


  • The Password Manager, works fine with all OS
  • Logon patcher works on Windows Vista / 7, with XP, works fine on Safe Mode only
  • Password Recovering Backup, is compatible with all OS

Download Advanced Password Recovery