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System Spec Provides Extensive System Details

There are many freeware tools which provides you with detailed system specifications. System Specs is another free tool which provides extensive details about your PC. The details includes all possible information about your PC including hardware and software. With System Spec you can see, save and print a complete spec of your PC. This portable system information utility can also perform various windows functions. Additional advanced info includes CPU, drives, applications, display, memory, networking, internet, CD / DVD drives and more.

System Spec

Make sure that you have provides administrator access when running System Spec because many items of system information require local administrator access rights for them to be retrieved.

Information retrieved includes;

  • Personal Info
  • Memory details
  • Disk Info
  • Display
  • DVD/CD
  • Network Info
  • BIOS
  • CPU
  • Installed Programs
  • Printers
  • USB
  • Input devices and much more.

The information provided is really extensive and we havent seen any other utility provide such detailed info.

Download System Specs

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