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Flipping PDF Reader for Windows


Flipping PDF Reader for Windows

Most of us use Adobe PDF reader as the default PDF reader, but there are many light weight PDF alternative available like SlimPDF, eXpert PDF Reader etc. If you want a better PDF reader, you can try out Flipping PDF Reader, which allows to read PDF documents in user friendly interface with flipping book effect. It is a good looking and convenient alternative for Adobe PDF Reader for Windows.



  • Bookshelf view: Keep your favourite pdf’s in the bookshelf and get instant access instead of searching and browsing each time
  • Instant print of selected pages or all pages of the book right from the program interface.
  • Flip through pages like in a real book. User friendly interface. Modern skin with rounded corners, nice icons.
  • You can zoom document page in one mouse click and then control your page only with mouse movements.
  • The Flipping Book PDF viewer provides handy tool to find text in the PDF document.
  • Flipping PDF Reader provides user-friendly controls to navigate through PDF documents. You can navigate in PDF documents by using navigational tools: page bookmarks, page thumbnails, pdf table of content, inner links.
  • All frequently used actions with the flip book can be done with keyboard only. Enter – Zoom. Space or Right Arrow – Next Page, Left Arrow – Previous Page, Up/Down Arrows in Zoom mode – scroll the page, SC – go to Bookshelf.

Overall, Flipping PDF reader is a very useful free PDF reader for Windows.

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