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Copy N Size- Free tool to Copy Files and Resize Images


Copy N Size- Free tool to Copy Files and Resize Images

Copy N Size is a very useful freeware tool for Windows as it does multiple tasks which includes copying files from one location to another, resizing images, converting images to popular formats and also renaming files. The application can process Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Icon and Metafile formats. You can add files by dropping then onto the application or a shortcut link or selected or sent from Explorer. The application is portable and does not require any installation.

Copy N Size

The application has a Fast Copy option which will copy source files to the destination folder without change of size or format. Fast copy uses an adjustable buffer to speed up the copy process and improves on the standard Windows copy functionality.

You can either use the app to copy files or to process images. You can convert the images to other formats like jpg, gif, png, emf and bmp formats. There is also option to rename the files and also se the size of the files.

Overall, Copy N Size is a nice tool to perform multiple tasks.


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