Shortcuts To Tray is a freeware app for Windows which lets you to access favourite links, system folders and any custom location directly from the system tray. The app sits in the Windows system tray and shows a list of shortcuts neatly categorized and easily accessible. The program keeps your favourite links and shortcuts on files, folders, applications, Internet and network resources, command lines, system resources and more. It allows you to run applications and command lines as administrator.

Send to Tray

As you can see from the image, the links are already categorized and it comes with default access to system folders, drives and network resources. You can add any number of links to the categories available.


Based on the type of category you have selected, you can add the items.

Add Edit Link

The program does not require installation and can be used on portable devices. Overall Shortcuts to Tray is an useful tool to quickly access links.

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Download Shortcuts to Tray