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MultiMi- All-in-One App for Emails, Social Networks and Instant Messaging


MultiMi- All-in-One App for Emails, Social Networks and Instant Messaging

Social networks are now one of the most popular ways to get connected and there are many popular networks as well. So accessing Social networks from different applications is not the best way. MultiMi is a cool new free desktop app from AVG which makes sharing and socializing across your email accounts and social networks a breeze. You can update your statuses, chat with friends, share photos, check your inboxes and calendar all in one place.


You can add your favourite social networks including Facebook and Twitter or add your photo sharing services like Flickr or Picasa, Emails like Hotmail, Gmail etc or YouTube and much more. MultiMi has support for almost all commonly used services. The services are neatly grouped into Messages, Social Networks, Events, Photos, Media, Documents and Chat services.

MultiMi Interface

You can update your status to multiple social networks (which are connected to your account) in one go.

Update Status

The interface is pretty feature rich, but might get confused as there are too many options and too many connections happening. You can manage all the connections from the left sidebar. Here again, the apps are grouped into categories.


Overall MultiMi is promising new app which brings almost all web services into one place. Currently the app is in beta and hence a bit on slower side when adding apps. MultiMi collects all your accounts and networks so you can connect with friends and family, surf the web, and share pics, vids and files simply by dragging and dropping.

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